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Practical and Empirical Theology

Practical and Empirical Theology

About the unit

Research unit for practical and empirical theology

The Research unit for practical and empirical theology focuses on contemporary social and practical expressions and formations of Christianity. It presents and discusses ongoing research exploring individual, collective and institutional forms and expressions of Christian religion, and within ecclesial as well as broader societal and cultural contexts. Empirical approaches are used to uncover traditional as well as newer ways christianity and church are formed and expressed, how people and communities form and express their experiences of transcendent or sacred realities, as well as relations between christianity and society, culture and public spheres.

Current research projects include research on digital analyses of sermons; on death, memorialisation and religion; on congregations and locally organised religion; on worship and participation; on formations of Christianity and church through religious encounters in the global south. Methodological reflection and development remains a permanent focus.

The research unit is open for scholars interested in practical-theological and/or empirical theological research. Interested students and persons without affiliation to Aarhus University are also welcome to inquire about the possibilities for participating, by contacting research unit leader Ulla Schmidt, at: teous@cas.au.dk

Unit Coordinator


Ulla Schmidt, Professor MSO (Unit Coordinator)

Kirstine Helboe Johansen, Associate Professor

Jakob Egeris Thorsen, Associate Professor

Jette Bendixen Rønkilde, post.doc.

Laura Bjørg Petersen, PhD Student

Anna Døssing Gunnertoft, PhD Student

Steen Skovsgaard, PhD Student

Louise Heldgaard Bylund, PhD Student

Kirsten Donskov Felter, Research Assistant